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SOCO Foundation is conducting its activities in Georgia since 1998 as a local humanitarian non governmental organization, extending its aid to the population of the entire territory of Georgia.

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Getting a bachelor degree in Middelburg, Netherlands

starting September 2018


SOCO Foundation ( has the pleasure to announce 2 scholarship placements in the University College Roosevelt in Middelburg ( for the period of three years, 2018-2021.

The scholarships are being granted on a competitive basis and applications will be reviewed by a committee before interviews are organized for shortlisted candidates. The SOCO Foundation will send recommended candidates’ applications to the UCR which will review them and plan additional skype -interviews in order to finally inform SOCO Foundation about which students from Georgia will be able to study for 3 years at UCR.

The scholarship comprises tuition fee, books and insurance


-one (or two) completed year of study (2017-2018) with good grades at a university on the territory of Georgia/good grades at the university’s entry exam

-good command of English and Mathematics as education is in English language and an obligatory course on Methods & Statistics needs to be enrolled in

-interest in one of the three mentioned study fields: Arts and Humanities (History, Linguistics, Media, Philosophy, Religion, Music, Art & Design), Social Sciences (Anthropology, Economics, Law, Sociology, Human Geography, Political Science, Psychology) or Science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, IT, Environment, Medical Science, Laboratory courses (for more details see

-possibility to co-pay for living expenses in the Netherlands (maximum of € 375 per month for housing and meals)

As non-EU students need to go through specific time-consuming procedures, the UCR deadline for application is April 2018. Therefore, SOCO Foundation will accept initial applications until April 5, 10 p.m.. Interviews by phone and for shortlisted candidates at SOCO Foundation will take place shortly afterwards.

If you are interested and satisfy all of the above criteria,  please  open the application form, copy it on your desktop, full in and send us by email or

Application form



                                                                                                                                                                       One can order this book (available in English, Georgian, Polish, Russian and Azerbaijan) while supporting  the SOCO Foundation by your purchase.

In case you wish to buy this book, please contact us by email or press on the link ,,donate by purchasing book"



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